Experimenting with writing every week

Whether short or long, I’ve decided to build the discipline to publish an article every week. My accountability partner encouraged me by saying that it won’t be good all the time and I just have to accept that some weeks will be bad.

My track record of attempts to write

After a month of writing, I’ve found that:

One year from now, I hope to make a new list of what I’ve learned or how I’ve changed after writing 52 articles. I plan to analyze which articles are the most read and which gets the most feedback. I also hope to share strategies on how to hit the weekly posting target. Another challenge for me is to write a few articles in Danish.

I write mainly about data and design but also branching out into sustainability and personal development. A few of my writing will be deeply personal such as my annual series on life in my 30s, a challenging decade. Surprisingly, my personal writing has resonated the most with readers. Perhaps because I was able to hit an emotional core. Someday, I will be able to translate that in my professional writing as well.

Would you like to join the weekly writing challenge with me?



a designer who writes sometimes

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